Touring the South of France

Go anywhere interesting lately? We have! Earlier this month, we went to Les Alpilles, where Van Gogh found his inspiration. Sit back, relax, and live vicariously through our adventures and us! “I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” – Van Gogh

This fabulous bleached oak, marble topped sideboard will arrive in the container and be available in July. SOLD


Our trip, “Encore Provence” took place from June 6-10. Les Alpilles is a beautiful sub-region with villages, a rich Roman history, with a sprinkle of Spanish influence. “Les Alpilles” translated into English is: the small Alpes. It is a two and a half hour train ride from Paris, but you will need to rent a car to explore the region.


This quiet town is like no other and no secret to those who want to see an unforgettable historic French village. Hollywood and French filmmakers used the natural decor for typical French orientated movies. In this town you’ll find olive tree fields, vineyards, picture perfect medieval villages, and tasteful bistros. You might even spot a celebrity on vacation! Things you won’t see: Ferris wheels or paparazzi. This town is known to be humble and respectful.


Our tour was Provencal pace and we loved every minute of it! On our arrival day we relaxed taking in the culture. The people are wonderfully accommodating and made us feel as if it were at our home away from home. Dinner was provided, where we indulged ourselves with tapas and local wines. It was a private dinner known as, “Apero Dinner” the hosts were the owners of the home. Also, we had the opportunity to shop their curated stock of vintage and antique items along with their art.


Our first full day of our trip, we explored Arles! Van Gogh lived in this city for over a year. After being in Paris for two years, he was over the hustle and bustle of city life. He moved into a yellow house and it became his studio. Van Gogh’s time in Arles was productive, he created countless drawings and paintings in his expressive characteristic, bold colors and dynamic brushstrokes. His time was cut short after his infamous psychotic episode where he cut off part of his ear.


Shopping time! Our third day in Arles was the biggest market day of the week. Our day was spent in local markets, both famous and pop up, and discovering cities and towns. All of which offered an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. We returned to our home, which had a patio and outdoor table. It was a chance to cook us a meal and relax and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

French sideboard on it’s way to the Cottage in July.
This one is 18th century patina perfection!!


Best for last? Our vintage shopping continued as well as visiting regional pop-up markets. As our antiquing weekend came to an end, we had a farewell dinner to commemorate this special journey. We loved the people we met along the way and our adventures, which is true art. If you would like to chat about next year’s visit, or have any antique questions, call us today 530-275-4451!

French, 9 foot architectural entrance arch

A wonderful 9’ wide arch is coming in our container from France. I think it was the top part of an entry into a driveway with stone pillars holding it high. We have seen many of these historic architectural entrances here in Provence.

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