A Special Mother’s Day Weekend Event

Escape to a mini French getaway!

Mother's Day Drop In Tea Party 2019It’s that time of year when you are itching for a getaway, but it’s not quite summer. Where’s your dream vacation? France? Luck is your favor; we’re having a mini French getaway without leaving the country to celebrate Mothers and all the women we love! This is your chance to find hidden gems while snacking and sipping tea in our garden. It’s not just any tea; it’s the tea of the fabulous, Marie Antoinette.

Date: May 11th and 12th 
Time: 10am – 5pm
Location: 3270 Cascade Blvd. Shasta Lake, CA 96019
Cost: FREE

Come and join us for days filled with fun and unforgettable finds! We will be serving Marie Antoinette tea and treats in our lovely one of a kind garden! Our garden is filled with vintage outdoor decor, vases, repurposed containers, detailed statues, and plants. Come; browse, enjoy, and take home your next favorite antique. 

“I am terrified of being bored.” -Marie Antoinette

We can’t serve her tea and have just a “simple” getaway! Look around our store for hidden prizes and discount coupons throughout our whimsical themed rooms! We specialize in antiques, collectibles and gifts. This is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on! Come by yourself or bring a friend, or even your whole family. 

Shop Water Wise Plants from Annie’s Annuals

What is a Water Wise Plant? They are plants that can thrive with only a little water once established. Also known as, “Drought Tolerant Plants.” They have the ability to store water in their leaves or have narrow leaves that reduce the loss of water. One popular example of a water wise plant is Cacti. These plants have adapted to low moisture conditions. They are beautiful plants that come in plenty of different colors, shapes, and sizes. 

If you enjoy low maintenance plants, don’t consider yourself “lazy.” You are an environmental-friendly person! Planting them supports your local ecosystem and habitat. Bonus: You aren’t introducing potential invasive species. Oh, can’t forget how much water you are saving! It’s environmental and cost friendly. Your wallet won’t have panic attack every time the water bill is due. 

Water Wise Plants also require drier garden soil, while many weeds do require moist soil. Meaning you can expect fewer weeds around your beautiful plants. It reduces the uses of pesticides and fungicides, which is healthier for the environment. Looks like a water wise plant is a win-win. Come in and shop the Water Wise Plant Collection from Annie’s Annuals. 

“When everyone else is losing their heads, it’s important to keep yours.” -Marie Antoinette.

We live in a crazy world, but that’s the whole reason of a getaway. It’s important to take a couple days off and find beautiful treasures that can you bring you joy for the rest of your life. Remember to save the date, enjoy treats, tea, antiques, and more. 

Questions? Looking for that special something? Call us at 530-275-4451.

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