blue… cool calm and true

Large companies like IBM, Ford, AT&T, and nearly all major financial institutions use blue in their brands…Blue evokes trust, strength, loyalty. Other brands use blue for more practical reasons: Facebook’s Mr. Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind, and web hyperlinks are blue because in the early days of the Internet it was the only color (other than black) that showed well against the grey background of first-generation websites.

Blue ranks #1 as a favorite color. It is also associated with peace, intelligence, and spirituality – in nature blue is the most abundant color, in the sky and in bodies of water; yet it’s the least common color in food. Because of its calming, comforting qualities, sick children prefer to be cared for by people wearing blue.

We all love this color! At the Cottage we’ve enshrined this passion in the Blue Room and filled it with all things blue: in every shade, material, function and form. You will find a wide assortment of items: vintage, antique and contemporary, and you will surely find something special to express your “True Blue” spirit!




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