Bright, beautiful, charming chandeliers

From the French word “chandelle,” chandelier literally means “candle holder,” and when they first appeared, that was about it. The first known chandeliers date back several centuries and were of simple design: crossed wood beams with a spike at the end of each to hold a candle.

The chandelier evolved from candles to gas and eventually electricity started lighting the world in 1879, ushering in changes in chandelier desing. They started featuring downward-facing lights to utilize how electric light bulbs looked and worked. Other, such as Louis Comfort Tiffany looked to the past for inspirations for his designs: Byzantine and Moorish elements, for example. His famous Tiffany lights married the stained glass window with the new light bulb.

In the late 19th century, a Bohemian glassmaker named Daniel Swarovski invented a machine that could cut crystals precisely. However, this machine was used primarily to make jewelry at first and Swarovski didn’t even enter the chandelier business until 1965.









At the Cottage we have so many different kinds of light fixtures, some traditional chandeliers, others more playful, or contemporary, something sure to spark your fancy!










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