Coco and Renaud’s Rendezvous


They gazed into each other’s eyes for one perfect, beautiful, endless moment… and then he brushed the first tear from her cheek and said: “Goodbye Coco my love, I will never forget you…”
She took the umbrella he’d opened for her; those tears now masquerading as rain. She clutched her gloves and bag to her chest, as if to hold on to these last minutes and the love they both knew could never be….
As children, Coco and Renaud played together when his father delivered ice for the 2010-06-04bmany grand occasions at her family’s mansion in Paris. Their childhood friendship grew, quietly, steadily and as naturally as seasons turn into years…Until the summer Coco’s betrothal to the heir of another wealthy family was announced. It was then they realized they were in love, but this love was all Renaud had to offer Coco.


Though a talented young musician, playing his accordion would never earn him anything more than a meal now and then and the praise of his childhood sweatheart … She knew her heart was his and always would be, but that they could not hope for a future together. And so they met one last time in a little café on the far side of town to say their goodbyes…
Just an imaginary event, but when these items were grouped together, it seemed to set the stage for one of those timeless love stories … Come enjoy the thousands of items elegantly displayed at the cottage, and let your imagination wander through vintage, antique and ancient, and see what stories they evoke for you…

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