Decorating with Religious Icons

Religious icons have been popular decor in Europe for quite some time, no matter what religion a person practices. We love the peaceful expressions portrayed on the faces of the statues and paintings and find decorating with these elegant and lovely. So yes, we are celebrating the European style, while turning it into our own with some California flair!

monk room


We have a room dedicated to these beautiful religious icons largely inspired by the timeless look of old European homes.





We have traditional icons, such as saints (Santos), angels, and madonna-and-child statuary and art.



mary 2

Others are more unique such as this paper mâché bust dating from the 1920’s exhibiting the classical style of Santos found in Catholic churches.

bustThere are many styles and materials to chose from such as this cement statue of Mary (sold,), the variety and beauty of these treasures is sure to inspire your heart! maryimage



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