We are especially grateful for you; and we wish you a happy, healthy 2018!

It’s been a great year for us, filled with wonderful adventures:  two really great Roses and Rust Flea Markets and some really fun shopping in Europe and South Africa. Here are some of the highlights;

Roses and Rust had a happy change this year, we found that we needed more room, so we expanded our footprint by adding a third building to house all our great vendors, and avoid dealing with the not so uncommon Spring showers… This year’s Spring Market was a real success, and the additional space turned out to be a really great decision! 

The Fall market was equally satisfying. It’s such a treat to see returning vendors and to meet new ones. And of course, we love to see our returning patrons enjoy the event as much as we do!

This year I also got to make a couple of trips, which of course, include great opportunities for Flea Market shopping, and scouring for new and unusual items to bring home for our customers. One of the places we visited was Spain. We were absolutely awed by their wonderful cathedrals, it’s an unforgettable encounter to experience the sheer magnificence and grandeur of these ancient buildings.











We also got to visit South Africa, were we have friends that we love to see as often as we’re able.

And the flea markets and vintage and antique picking are the best part of our trips! I spent a lot of time shopping in Capetown, this cute hate made it home with us.


We’ve found such amazing stuff in our travels and been able to bring a bit of it home for the shop…

As great as these two beauties were, it was impossible to bring them home, as much as we wanted to!

















And then there’s our annual French Flea Market tour to the lovely Provence area. Every year it gets better, and to say it’s the best trip I take is an understatement. The lovely people, the sights, the food, and the fabulous shopping and rare finds make this my favorite event!


















But the best part of 2017 is the continued success of our little shop, and that doesn’t happen without all of you: our friends and patrons. So our most heartfelt and grateful thank you for supporting us all these years, making the Cottage a place were shopping is elevated to an experience of beauty, love and inspiration. We hope to continue providing you with the very best vintage and antique merchandise, imported and domestic wares for your home and garden. And when you want something special and can’t find it at the shop, we thrive on the opportunity to start an earnest search whenever we are out and about shopping, in the expectation we will find that one item you want.

In a time when things are so transient and disposable, our mission is to restore the graceful elegance of things made to last, things that have depth and history, and to bring them to you.

From all of us at the Cottage… Thank you and Happy New Year!








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