From our hearts to yours, may you have a wonderful Merry Christmas!!

December is a special month, not just for us here in the states, but for many all over the world. And though not everyone celebrates it in the same way or holds the same faith or beliefs, this month, for many, has come to represent the best of human aspirations and qualities. December is about family and friends, a time to express our love, to gather with and cherish the time we spend with those we hold dear. This is the time we reach out to welcome those who perhaps begin as strangers but soon become new friends. This is the time we reconnect with those whom we care about who are far away, wether because of physical distance or the hustle and bustle of life has caused a need to slow down and nurture neglected bonds.

This is the season for generosity, for gifts of every kind. A warm smile and a heartfelt Merry Christmas offered to a stranger is effortless and may seem a small gesture, but it just might be the best gift some lonely soul receives this year. Giving of ourselves through hugs and other kinds of affection from the heart is always of infinitely greater value than the fanciest most expensive gifts.

This time of year often awakens even in the most unsentimental, thoughts and feelings of gratitude and good will. We feel thankful for all that makes our life sweet, good friends, family, as well as the temporal blessings that provide for our safety enjoyment and comfort.

This is the time for kindness, when we make the extra effort to make others feel welcome, acknowledged, loved. The golden rule seems to be easier to follow this time of year. People are more likely to go the extra mile; cede their seat to anther, hold the elevater or the door. There is a kinder, gentler feel in the air, an inclination to be our best self, towards others and also to ourselves by accepting and embracing the truth of our less-than-perfect _________ (fill in the blank). These sage and timeless words from Maya Angelou sum it up best: “People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

That sentiment is the mission at the Cottage, we strive to create a place and an accompanying experience of feeling welcome, special and inspired… Please come by and bask in the glow of the season and take time to enjoy a peek at what’s in the shop…

The silverware and the German silver glitter napkin rings are left tarnished on purpose for the lovely vintage “aged” effect.

The Big Santa sign board is hand painted and he looks really cool peaking through a window.







The Christmas pillows are from Tina at My Favorite Things in Nevada City.


I made these ornaments thanks to inspiration from past issues of the Jeanne d’ Arc Living magazines. We now have the latest Christmas issue on sale at the Cottage.











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