Stress free gardening at its best!

Meet “Senecio Vitalis” a plant which requires very little water once it is established. This easy and fast succulent spreads quickly, growing up to 18″ tall by 3′ wide. Beautiful blue/green, densely-packed foliage that looks like fingers growing out of thick, juicy stems.



This is an excellent plant for a green roof garden, or a rock garden. It’s an ideal Mediterranean garden ground cover, or planted in clusters alongside other succulents for a riot of color and texture! This plant has handled our triple-digit heat wonderfully! A smart garden trick is to place clay pots filled with water next to these plants, as water seeps out it keeps these and other succulents happy.


Hurry in to get yours, we only have a few left!

verbenaAnother great plant for the hot summer garden is Verbena Bonariensis, it likes fertile soil but is drought resistant once established. We have two varieties, including the newer ‘Lollipop’ which is shorter and bushier than the common variety!

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