The wait is over, come see treasures newly arrived!

We are so delighted to be unpacking and displaying all the wonderful things we shipped from France!

The enameled red French kitchen set came from Luberon, in Provence.  I also have 6 more pots and pans with the same checkered pattern.

This zinc window surround is one of my favorite finds during our tour.  It came from a Chateau in Provence….so hard to find these.






Love these other zinc items








This carved lion piece is amazing
















We do this fantastic week of vintage, charm & the gorgeous sites of Provence once a year! The next tour is May 29 – June 4, 2019. We hope you will join us, visiting local homes, fairy tale like villages and spectacular scenery. Fabulous French food and wine,  experience up-close French culture surrounded by exquisite interior décor, shop the famous markets of the south of France, and be given special entrées to parts of this heaven-on-earth not accessed by most tourists. I’ve added a “container share.” You can actually buy “pretty much” to your heart’s content and have an economical means to get it back home. You’ll be the envy of any American woman who has been to France, and fallen in love with something she couldn’t bring back with her on the plane.

You’ll love this tour! Call us for a detailed itinerary










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