Whatever you Christmas decor style, you’ll find what you need at the Cottage

Christmas decorating and celebration traditions abound, and of course always with commercial establishments leading the way… we’ve all heard it or said it ourselves: “Halloween is barely over and already Christmas displays are going up! But even if it sometimes seems too early, it’s catching, and pretty soon it doesn’t seem to matter that Thanksgiving is still a bit away and we’re already humming along to Christmas carols! And that’s how it is in the US. In France, Pére Noél (Father Christmas) leaves gifts in the shoes of children, in Norway treats and sweets are hung about in heart shaped baskets. Italy gave us Panettone, a delicious sweet light bread with little bits of candied dry fruit, that is amazing toasted and buttered, Germany has stollen bread filled with dried fruit, nuts and spices dusted with powdered sugar. The UK is the origin of the Christmas cracker, a cardboard roll brightly decorated to look like a piece of wrapped candy with its ends twisted. It’s full of toys, gags or goodies that you pull apart until it pops or “cracks.”  In China, celebrating Christmas is gaining popularity and trees are decorated with paper chains, lanterns and flowers.

At the Cottage we have decorations from A to Z, vintage, new, handmade, even repurposed from unique materials. if you can imagine it, chances are good we have it!

We love these unique stag head ornaments created by a California artist. They add a more rustic, rugged or masculine feel. I’ve seen wonderful and uniquely creative uses of wildlife elements in Holiday decor, feathers, bird nests, including a tree that sported small deer horns for ornaments. It was a really clever way to incorporate uncommon items to create a really individual flair.

A very popular line of Christmas ornaments decor is Bethany Lowe designs. A real favorite of mine and of many of the Cottage’s customers. While they are new, they have that vintage look and feel, and as they are annual exclusive designs, each is a unique, one of a kind creation.

Our Christmas angel is so sweet and her neutral tones are so easy to use in display, so she can fit in nicely in many different motifs.




This charming Father Christmas figurine has that old world Victorian look that just gives any vignette a touch of Yuletide magic.




Bambi and Rudolph are so much part of American culture, and what says Christmas better than these darling  little deer?  Most of these deer are vintage ornaments and the gold one is another Bethany Lowe original, as is this adorable Christmas bear


These little sheep are really well crafted replicas of the old German ornaments.



We love Christmas time and all the holiday trimmings, wreaths, garlands, bright shiny glass ornaments … if you’re looking for something unusual or specific we probably have it, or can get it for you, just let us know and we can keep an eye out for your wish list items when we’re out shopping!

Merry Christmas!

Antique Cottage style!

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