Our booth at the BH Show

2011-10-01aBrenda flew in from Switzerland and LizAnne from Cape Town, S. Africa, in time to help Lynni set up and ‘woman’ the booth at the Burlap Harlot Show last weekend.

T’was such fun!!
It was an amazing experience being in a building with so much creativity in the air, with all the vendors displaying their items in beautiful style.

2011-10-01bIn our booth, we hung 3 vintage rolls of player piano paper for a backdrop. They were a hit! We sold every roll we brought to the show.

The little cut-out dots and slits look fanciful on the stained paper. The the words to the songs are cut into the paper as well. It is a kick to read from the bottom up.
Several people who bought rolls are using them for wall paper.
We still have more left at the Cottage for sale, and we will be bringing some to Roses and Rust next Saturday.


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