Finding new French treasures for the Cottage

We’ve been on our annual French Flea Market Tour soaking in the beauty and finding delightful new goodies for the store… here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to:









One of many favorite buys… wonderful early 19th century chateau gates!


















Visited a lovely private historic garden and discovered most plants there are suited for growing in Redding California. The owners take great pride in not using chemicals and finding native plants to create this showpiece. While they cultivated it, they discovered ancient stones that looked like they were placed by man in a pattern. After much excavation they found a complete Olympic sized Roman swimming pool fed by an ancient underground aqueduct.

A day in Cassis on the Mediterranean….We had a boat ride, dipped our toes in the Sea, toured a winery and perfumery, enjoyed great food and each other to the MAX! Join us next year for our 2019 Flea Market Tour!


This is my 5th trip to Loumiran France and the first time I ventured into the castle. Loved the surprise water garden just inside the walls.

Coming to the Cottage….a pair of antique iron traffic barriers from Aix en Provence!


This is a super unusual industrial light….and I’ll share it with someone after July 15th when our container travels from Provence to California.











Another favorite find… an ancient stone statue. We named him Fred. He will be available at the Cottage in July.





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