How about Christmas shopping that’s fun, easy and productive?


We all love getting and giving gifts, specially this time of year. There’s the hunt for that perfect gift, the pleasant task (for the most part) of wrapping and adorning the gift packages, and the pleasure of watching our gifts being opened and enjoyed.

The tradition of giving gifts to each other at Christmas may have begun as a way to commemorate the presents of frankincense, gold and myrrh that the Wise Men brought to the child Jesus. Gift giving traditions vary widely in the world, in many countries it is Santa Claus, Father Christmas or St. Nick who delivers presents, in Latin America, Spain and Portugal it is the Wise Men, and Italy has an old woman named Befana who brings gifts.

Recently, one of our customers (we’ll call her Gladys for clarity’s sake) came in with her family to look for birthday gifts for Dad. He and his family walked around and they wrote down each of the items he mentioned he liked. It was a very efficient and fun way to look for presents, ensuring they would have an accurate idea what to give him while maintaining the element of surprise, as he wouldn’t know what exactly he was going to get. At the Cottage there’s a little of everything, (well, maybe more than a little… we’re busting at the seams these days!) But finding just the right gift isn’t hard, particularly if you approach it the way our customer “Gladys” did.

The shop is brimming with holiday decorations, every corner is trimmed and bright! We’ve brought out all the big storage crates of Christmas ornaments, trees and assorted seasonal items. This is great time to visit us and be enveloped in that magical heart warming atmosphere that makes every thing nicer at this time of year. It’s a great way to generate gift giving ideas and inspire your own holiday decor!

We love an excuse to show off the King’s Crown glassware and the holiday decor brings out the best in them. The pink restaurant ware dishes are hard to find and yet putting out just a few makes a big impact especially for Christmas decorating!











I love collecting vintage mercury glass ornaments to sell.  I am especially fond of pink, and I look for unusual ones.

I found a dozen of these 50’s gold glitter deer at an estate sale. I love how they go with the mini flocked trees.


We love Bethany Lowe designs for the holidays. Their new decor is well made yet has a vintage flare.  Many pieces are only manufactured for a year then discontinued so they become more valuable with time.

This year may we suggest the most exciting and treasured gift anyone would love to receive! Our annual trip to Provence, the French Flea Tour, is a once in a lifetime experience, to make long-cherished memories, new friends and to see France as few ever do. There are still spots available, and would make an amazing Christmas present for your loved one. Give us a call for more information, or better yet, come by the shop and revel in the magic of the Season!






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