Graceful Madonna and child accents

As an object of worship in several religions, mother and child figures are prominent. In Egypt it was Isis and her son Osiris or Horus; in India, Isi and Iswara. The veneration of the mother goddess Shing-moo and child was prominent in China and Japan. Greece had Ceres and Plutus, Rome had Fortuna and Jupitor-puer, or Venus and Adurnis. In Scandinavia, Frigga and Balder were honored, in Phoenicia, Ashtoreth and Baal, and in ancient Babylon it was Ishtar and Tammuz. More recently, in the West, the practice of honoring Mary and her son Jesus developed, and is the theme of much of the religious iconography that has become a popular element in decor. At the Cottage we have a lovely sample of Madonna and Child art


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