Meet the sweet and wacky critters living at the Cottage…

When visiting the Cottage you may notice some unusual creatures hanging ’round about. They come in all sizes, shapes and types, and have made their home here, but deep down each and every one of them is hoping to find a forever home with someone who will appreciate them as much as we do…

For instance, we have lots of bears, and even though they love one another dearly and all of them play nicely together, they’d like nothing better than to be taken home to be loved by someone special.












There’s quite a roster of distinguished residents: such as Mr. Dull, who though considered a real bore can actually be very fun and entertaining (you’ll surely recognize him when you visit the man room where he hangs out wearing his French police cap). Another of our beloved residents is a little chap who goes by Slinky the Mink… he’s sure to take center stage in any room with his sly and ever so smooth personality.












There’s something about Babe that is totally contagious, maybe it’s his smile? Whatever mood people are in, no matter what kind of weather it is, he’s always grinning ear to ear, cheerful and happy. He’s such a good sport we’ve made a place of honor for him on the wall behind the counter, so he can beam his sunny disposition on everyone who comes in!  In sharp contrast we have Mr. Russ Crow, our very staunch no nonsense rooster. There’s no tomfoolery about this guy, he is a proud and upright gentleman. He is always found observing proper decorum, and he would make a regal addition to any setting in which he were placed. And then there’s Anton the antelope… He’s not as stuffy as some might think, he knows how to loosen his tie, unwind and party with the best of ’em!










We also have some pretty special canine friends at the Cottage. There’s Nipper the RCA dog and Curly the English Terrier on Wheels Toy. We have a big eyed puppy who’d follow you home if he could, and then there’s our ultra zany French pug, Francois.























Among our furry friends are some who are more shy, demure and soft spoken. One really special lady who graces the Cottage is the lovely Miss Rebecca. We’ve heard that she may be related to Peter Rabbit, but there’s no way to confirm these rumors. What we do know is that she came to be with us after she was fashioned by the hands of artist Coleen Moody. And then there’s our little Bitty Betty Bunny — though she’s very shy, she would soon be right at home with anyone and fast become a snugly, cuddly friend!














Last but certainly not least, there are rams, sheep and lambs. They are all woolly and winsome, and one is just plain silly. We have some beautiful little ones that have been made by hand by local artisans. But each of them big, medium and small are so cute!


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