From Europe with love, beautiful, healing linen garments

Linen, it’s an amazing fabric. It is incredibly durable, with a tensile strength twice that of cotton and three times that of wool, yet it becomes softer with each wash. It is non-allergenic, anti-bacterial and doesn’t hold static; add as little as 10% flax fibers to cloth, to eliminate static.


It is dirt and stain resistant, doesn’t produce lint or get pills like other fabrics, is easy to wash and color-fast. Wearing linen in winter keeps us warmer, and in summer, cooler; because it breathes and and lessens perspiration, so garments feel fresh and cool.

Flax, drying, bundle

Linen is made from the flax plant its fibers protect against chemical exposure and solar radiation, flax fiber harvested from contaminated soils shows no trace of radiation. Flax cultivation preserves the soil, and the environment… linen products are biodegradable. But perhaps most amazing is flax linen’s high electrical frequency. Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg identified the electrical frequency of the average human at 70-90. Numbers less than 50 are indicative of chronic disease, and less than 15 is seen in those with incurable condition such as cancer…

Linen’s signature is 100, so it “adds” positive energy to the wearer, perhaps why Linen has been used in surgery for internal sutures. In Latin, its name (usitatissimum) means “most useful.” All these great properties make linen really wonderful! So when we found beautiful, well-designed linen clothing during last month’s trip to France, we just knew we had to bring some of these garments home to carry in the Cottage.  Our friend Candace LiVolsi modeled some of the lovely items we have now at the store. Imagine how good you’ll look and feel wrapped in this amazing fabric, come try it on, you’ll love it!


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